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I had a week vacation planned at the Maui Sunseeker Hotel on Maui and I had already planned on treating myself to a massage. The Hotel had a link to book a massage and I did. The Concierge booked Marty for me which she highly recommended, This was at the hotel. I was a bit stressed as It was my first day and had just recovered from my flight.

From the moment I met Marty, He made me feel at ease. I have had many massages mostly from Hotel Spas both in Hawaii and Mexico so I am no stranger to the experience. Marty, however was by far the best Masseur I've ever had. He really has a gift of intuitively understanding the needs of the client, Within a few minutes he was able to find my trouble spots and firmly but also carefully was able to knead out the sore back and shoulder area which I have been bothered with for many years due to sports injury. I have never met a kinder or more giving person as he treated me as an individual rather than just an appointment.I have never had one hour go so fast. Before he left. I was able to book a 90 minute massage for later in the week at his studio.

That was a delight. His studio overlooks the ocean and at his suggestion had it begin right before sunset. This session was even better if possible as the calming and serene environment allowed me to complelely relax and enjoy the experience even more.

If you travel to Maui, you owe it to your self and your spouse experience a unique massage experience as he really seems to have a sense of what you need and the feeling will last long after the tan has faded. I am returning in Dec for a conference and I will be sure to have at least one massage booked with him. I cannot rate Marty highly enough. Simply the best.
Ed Hargrove
American Express Travel Co
Northern California

Wailea Massage Therapist

I had a massage from Marty while I was in Maui for a conference. I drove to him for the massage. It was outside on his deck overlooking Maui in the evening during a beautiful sunset. But, it wasn't the sunset and amazing scenic overlook that made my massage complete. I get massages on a regular basis and by far Marty's massage was the most relaxing, rejuvenating, and intense deep massage that I have experienced. He is 100% professional and I have yet to find another therapist to match his talents and it's since been months since I've had mine. I have a network of professional contacts and I tell them to contact Marty when they arrive for a massage they won't soon forget. He is definitely worth the time and money.
Bradley Patrick, CRNA, MS, APRN
Nurse Anesthetist
South Portland, ME USA

The island of Maui is a very healing place for me. Marty’s massage is therapeutic in the sense that it allows me to release the tensions that I no longer need to hold on to. I feel more open physically and have mental clarity. I find myself in a place now to spiritually heal.
Anita Antonini
Patrick McMullan Company

Marty gave Dave and I one of the best massages ever! We have gone to at least 100 different therapists during our travels. We will make an appt with him whenever we visit Maui.
Laurie W.
Southern California

"Marty with Relax Therapeutic Massage was extremely personable, he was attentive to my requests and able to provide a thoroughly relaxing deep tissue massage. The session was amazing, being outside in the fresh air, watching the ocean surf and surroundings at sunset while receiving an hour and a half massage was an experience I will remember always. I would highly recommend Marty to anyone planning a visit to Maui and if I were a local resident, I would utilize Marty's services on a regular basis as the therapeutic benefits are endless."
Noel Wessel
Crisis Counselor
Mesa, Arizona

My former massage therapist had moved and I was looking for someone new when I ran into Marty. I’m overweight, have arthritis, a bad shoulder and a hip replacement but feel great when I get off his table. He really listens when I talk about pain and is very intuitive when it comes to deep tissue massage. I’ve been getting massages for 40 years and I think Marty is among the top 10 I’ve ever had. I would recommend him highly.
Jim Wagner
Broker in Charge Coldwell Banker Island Properties
The Shops at Wailea is the Number 1 Coldwell Banker Office in the Nation
2003, 2005, 2006

Marty has been my massage therapist for 2 yrs. I picked him because I knew he was an 'intuitive' and would respond to MY bodies needs applying his technical training skills where needed. Each massage has left me feeling renewed, rejuvenated and thoroughly relaxed. I benefit for days after receiving my massage. I am delighted to recommend Marty to anyone that wants a focused, heartfelt, regenerating experience.
Patricia Krown
Life Coach and Body-worker
Wailuku, Maui Hawaii USA

Marty has healing hands. He's very professional, experienced and caring. I highly recommend Marty from Relax Therapeutic Massage.
Greg Bayless
Keawekapu, Maui Hawaii

“I was able to schedule Marty on my last day in Maui, before I had to catch my flight home. It was the perfect way to end a perfect vacation. Marty is a great guy with a strong but sensitive touch. He took his time, and worked out every last bit of tension I was holding onto. My only complaint was that I discovered Marty on my last day in Maui, I wish I had discovered him on the first. I will know better on my next visit. Thanks, Marty.”
Stewart Rubin
Santa Monica, California

The name "Maui Relax" is certainly appropriate! Thank you Marty for a wonderful glorious massage!
Janet Meredith
Yoga Instructor/Acupuncturist
Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, USA

" Marty is the best around. I have had several treatments and Marty always does a terrific job. I have referred many friends and family and everyone is always happy"
Michael Healey
Realtor Partner RRS
Prudential Locations LLC

"Marty, I felt great after my last massage with you. I appreciated your professionalism, smile and intuitive style.” Thanks!
Derek Calibre
Psychic Guidance
Honolulu, Hawaii

Marty gave me a deep tissue massage. He was patient and thorough. I especially liked the attention he paid to my hands. The experience was well paced. He asked my opinion several times, which only enhanced my experience. Kudos for a job well done.
Frank Kelley
School Psychologist
Houston TX.

Like the island he lives on Marty Guerrriero’s massages are paradise...so good, in fact, that I went back for seconds two days later!
Dennis Hensley
Author / Radio Host
Los Angeles, CA, USA

"Marty's intuitive, therapeutic approach inspires me to let go of things that don't serve me and open to the things that do. By relaxing my muscles and calming my spirit, Marty helps me enjoy the moment more fully and tap into my ultimate potential."
aloha : ) Kirk

Marty Guerriero is an amazingly effective massage therapist. I've been getting massages off and on for more than ten years (I'm over 70), and have used at least 20 different massage therapists during that period. Marty is unique, not so much in what I feel while he is massaging me, but in what I experience afterwards. I come away from the massage feeling rejuveniated. I also find that I enjoy either a very deep nap after the massage, or if no nap opportunity presents itself, a very deep sleep that night. This tells me that my body was deeply affected by Marty's massage. All in all, I look forward to the times when I'm able to enjoy a Marty massage. Also, he is a very special person.
Jim Hawes - retired - Palm Springs CA and Maui, HI

There's a difference between a massage and a GREAT massage!! Not everyone that claims to be a massage therapist IS one, but Marty has definately Got It!! And he keeps getting better. ENJOY!!!!
Russell Rebelo.

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