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Your session includes Swedish Massage Therapy!
Swedish massage therapy is a process of relaxing the muscles by applying pressure to the muscle and rubbing in the same direction as the blood flow to the heart. This deep tissue massage therapy has some specific therapeutic benefits for the client/patient. Swedish massage therapy speeds blood flow from the extremities to the heart muscle. This increase in blood flow helps remove waste from the blood and tissue, without increasing the heart rate, while it relaxes the muscles. Swedish massage therapy maui stretches the ligaments and tendons of the body keeping them supple.

All of this contributes to the experience of reduced emotional and physical stress during and after this type of massage therapy.

Swedish massage therapy Maui is part of a regular program to help reduce and manage stress.

All About Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Maui Massage Therapy uses techniques of that have been developed over many years. This Deep Tissue massage therapy has its roots in Swedish massage therapy, which began in the early 1800’s. Swedish gymnast Per Hennrich Lin combined techniques from Ancient China with his knowledge of the human body and the way muscles work to form Swedish massage therapy Maui.

Therapeutic Massage uses the same techniques of Maui Swedish massage therapy. These massage therapy techniques, however, are used with reference to the whole person. That means that your Maui Massage Therapy session is specific to your needs. Therapeutic massage therapy targets and treats deep layers of muscle tissue using slow hand strokes. Finger and thumb pressure on specific areas of the body found during the massage therapy session will pinpoint areas of need in the patient. The correct amount of pressure and accuracy of depth ensures that your massage therapy session will loosen tight muscle fibers and increase blood supply to areas in need without pain.

Your Maui Massage Therapy session is all about you.

Maui Massage Therapy: A Hawaiian Massage

Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian Massage. Your Maui Massage Therapy therapist uses movements and sensations that release into the body like a dance. It’s the Hawaiian way, and the way of Hawaiian Massage. From the moment you are on the table, there is a connection with the water, air, and earth. Hawaiian massage reaches the higher self and connects with ones inner healing power. It’s a very gentle, yet very deep form of massage therapy: as gentle as the sunset, as soothing as the sea.

To remove what doesn't belong is the English translation of Lomi Lomi. It fits perfectly with massage therapy. This ancient ritual actually touches the spiritual energy of your being. Your deep tissue Hawaii massage/ dance will relieve layers of stress and tension, and bring you home the island way. Hawaii massage provides deep relaxation to all the joints of the body, and creates a cleansing healing journey for the body and mind.

...Experience Hawaii Massage Therapy.

Maui Swedish massage therapy
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Maui Swedish massage therapy

Relax Therapeutic Massage practices a blend of bodywork techniques,
fusing Swedish, Lomi Lomi and Deep Tissue Massage.

Or choose,

Light Touch Energetic Massage is best described by a client:
"As a practitioner I appreciate and marvel at Marty's magnitude in his capacity to listen
and intuit the inner world of the body. Marty's Light Touch Energetic Massage elevates
my spirit, heals and aligns my physical body and transports my mind to peace."

The Healer's Healer,
Sal Colberet

Massages are customized specifically for you at the time of your session.
Whatever your preference, we can work together to create a massage
that’s suited to your needs.

Relax. In your space.

Relax Therapeutic Massage is available in your home, condo,
hotel room or at the office.

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