Maui Massage treatment incorporates the fluid movements of a hawaiian lomi lomi to leave your whole body wonderfully connected.
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Aloha. I’m Marty.

Maui Massage TherapistWelcome to the beginning or continuation of your peaceful, healing experience of the Hawaiian Islands. Mahalo for including me on your journey. To begin, I thought I'd share a part of my history so you can get a sense of the person behind the hands.

I was born and raised just outside a small farming town in the central valley of California. During my childhood I had the freedom to enjoy the outdoors of the small walnut farm that my grandfather had started and my father had taken over. Life on the farm was carefree and creative. In my early teens we moved into town where I worked in the local drug store for about ten years. When I was 22, I traveled solo to Europe for the summer with a map and my backpack. This was the beginning of my desire to experience the world.

By my mid 20s I had a job with the airlines starting as a ticket counter agent, then moved on to be a fight attendant. This allowed me to return to Europe, with many trips to the East Coast and South America.

At the end of my airline days, I returned to college, to finish off my BS degree in Architectural Interior Design at San Jose State. While living in the San Francisco Bay area for the next 10 years, I became an interior designer in the corporate world.

After the dot com crash and 9/11 and being out of work for 9 months in the Bay Area, I found the job of a lifetime! I waited tables in Yosemite National Park at the Ahwahnee Hotel. I returned back to nature in what many consider to be the most beautiful national park in the world.

Being so close to nature, I soon felt a strong calling to be closer to the Ocean… to be surrounded by the Ocean. A 10 day Hawaiian Island vacation with good friends almost immediately redirected me to Maui. I fell in love with the peacefulness and spirit that Maui provides and the rejuvination she gives.

I made a new friend on the beach and I ended up giving him a massage. My friend (and mentor) has been a massage therapist for many years on Oahu and suggested I go into the practice after receiving the massage. In three weeks everything fell into place and I began my training and journey to the islands.

I am a licensed massage therapist (HI State Licence no 8798), having practiced at the Maui Academy of Healing Arts. I specialize in a fusion technique that blends Swedish, deep tissue and Lomi Lomi. Maui is a magical healing place with its natural beauty, wonderful warm waters and the spirit of Aloha. My life on Maui is blessed with traveling, kayaking, snorkeling and playing at the beach. I am grateful to share this Aloha through my practice and serving in board positions with three local non-profit organizations.

I look forward to walking with you on your healing journey of the Islands of Hawai'i.


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